Inteligencism Vs Freedom

Inteligencism Vs Freedom

In December 2019 after Republican senator Johnny Isakson resigned for health reasons, (according to internet accounts). Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, appointed Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate. That was an eye opening time for me. I have not trusted any aspect or level of government for decades, (I am in my 60’s). My concern and alarm about the evils of government went up exponentially during events surrounding the appointment of Kelly Loeffler. Eye opening and mind blowing describe those few days

I am highly interested as most Americans should be about government and how it affects the daily lives of the people. I do not know, however, as much as I should about the daily workings and the ”ins and outs” of government. Governor Kemp had under those circumstances, the authority to appoint a replacement for Johnny Isakson. Any Georgian who met minimal age and residency qualifications could apply so, on a silly whim, I sent an application to the Governor's office. I did so more to give myself a laugh than as a serious attempt at being considered for a Senatorial office (I have no experience in government). I still have the “Curriculum Vitae” I sent. All the “entries” into this “contest” were made public record when received. I don’t know if they are still available to see. I kept mine. Remember, it was more a statement and a bit of a joke. Here is the short body of it:


My interest is Liberty. I am a descendant of Americans that settled Gwinnett County in Georgia before the Revolution of 1776. Just as the Founding Fathers, I want government to be very small and the People to stand tall and free. Unlike most of Washington’s politicians who are only interested in how the corporate donors fare and what lobbyists stuff in their pockets, I want to cut the size of government. Most of the national government is unnecessary and worse, Unconstitutional. There are only a few enumerated powers the Federal government should be involved in and the rest of the activities of government are reserved to the states, (the 10th amendment).

Every federal department should be closed. The Federal Reserve shut down. The illegal and criminal enterprise called the IRS closed down. The 16th amendment repealed. Every law and regulation limiting firearms ownership by The People repealed including the Firearms Acts of 1934 and 1968. The Federal government has no constitutional right to speak a word beyond that found in the 2nd Amendment that states “...shall not be infringed…”

War. The President has no right to send our men into battle. That is a decision for Congress. We spend too much money and spill too much blood so that, primarily, the military industrial complex and globalists can make money. Peace costs the super-rich too much money but they need to have a pay cut. I’m a capitalist through and through, but causing death is not a good money making plan.

I could go on and on, but as the new Senator from Georgia, I want to change America back into the Republic it was meant to be. Johnny Isakson and all the other socialists in the Senate need to return to the constitution. The People deserve constitutional government so that they can be free and prosperous and shake off the growing burden of oppressive big government.

The short statement I wrote I knew, would not get me added to government by a swamp creature like Brian Kemp. He does not understand the Constitution. He just loves to grow government like most politicians. But, as I said this whole thing was a real eye opener.

I was able to look at all of the other entrees. A few were “statements” like mine, but most of them were long resumes with lots of educational qualifications. These I learned were the serious entries. Some went on for pages. Lists and lists of almost unending college courses and published papers and theses on highly technical aspects of government and science. Most of it your everyday American would not understand; even the titles of the essays listed on these entries were difficult. I would venture to say that most congressmen and governors would not understand all the lofty qualifications listed. Almost every resume was of this nature, long, highly technical lists of difficult subjects and concepts. This was my introduction to the “technocracy”. The kinds of people, who were sending in applications for the Senate position, represent and become part of one of our great evils in modern American government. These are people who become part of the vast government machine. That is their goal, to share their talents in a bureaucratic quest for control instead of Liberty.

No one with any sense believes that Kemp was going to select anyone from among the entries in this “contest” for the senate position. Loeffler was the pick from the beginning (or someone like her). However, the reality is, every level of government, especially the Federal government, is packed with these technocrats that applied for the position. Bureaucracies run much of American government. More importantly, they inform American government through their “expertise”. These form a wave of new government control I call inteligencism. The Founders promoted Liberty. Few of the applicants during that nomination exercise had any understanding of Liberty, or the bedrocks of our founding. American government today is building control through massive corruption informed by ‘inteligencism’. Cold intelligent reasoning and planning for power's sake instead of love for human kind. It is obvious and easy to see. Examples include all the information gathering, high tech tools used down to the local level to spy and gather information, cameras everywhere, tech companies gathering information. Twitter and especially Facebook gather information, tremendous amounts of it, and turn it over to the government (or they ARE the government). The illegal information gathering on personal phones. The use of so called health care to catalogue all your very personal health information and the use of a dangerous vaccine as a control mechanism. Wrapped up in all this illegal mess are large corporations and the super rich.

Boy have things changed, or remained the same. Large corporations and the super rich are the real base of evil in our government. The U.S. government is not a Constitutional Republic as it was intended to be. In practice, it is a corporatocracy. It is a corporatocracy which has become a kind of “reverse Fascism”. In classic Fascism the state owns corporations and businesses. In this form, corporations own or control the government. The Pharma industry is a big perhaps now the biggest example. This “vaccine” they have developed is, potentially, a multi-trillion dollar business and has the rapt attention of greedy politicians. At the heart of all this are college educated ‘robots’ with no moral underpinning. They don’t run anything, but they inform those who do. They are the planners of our fates. They have only a desire for an opulent lifestyle and to outwit the next guy (or gal). Satan loves them. In the 12th chapter of Revelation the Devil is said in apocalyptic language to be a seven headed dragon. This represents great intelligence. That section of God’s word also tells of two beasts of great power and control. One represents false religion and the other government. Satan has always used government to ruin humanity. Look at the Soviet Union and China under Mao. The number is not even known for sure. These governments murdered at least one hundred million people, (100,000,000)! Governments always fall into ruin and corruption becoming tools of the devil. Information and technology have become tools of evil men. Those who want to rule the world have been around for thousands of years. The desire to conquer and destroy is as old as creation. Technology and those who build it are just tools of the controllers. What do the super rich globalists want? They want the globe, the world, and all that is in it. Who would men with those kinds of desires and greed not kill if they were to get in their way?

What does the government want with mountains of information about you and me? I’m not certain anyone has a complete answer but a major reason is control and dominance. Satan hates anyone who will oppose him. He hates good, peace and freedom. Governments run purely on intelligence are evil, greedy, and only get worse. It is not of course wrong to have intelligent people discovering new and beneficial things, but if they do not love people and if they do not love freedom, they are evil. God loving people are the most hated by the godless.

How do you know if government and its officials and ‘fellow travelers’ care, or do not care, about you and Liberty? You know by the things they do. An example. Facebook (a fellow traveler with the government) is shutting out people from their platform; they are destroying the ability of people to speak. This is all you need to know to know that they are ruled by Satan and hate Liberty. Facebook and those who control it hate YOU! Another: People in government want to take away your ability to defend yourself from evil by taking away your firearms. Those persons and politicians are ruled by Satan. Satan wants to use government to crush freedom and peace. When government gains the power to rule and kill indiscriminately, Satan is happy. If firearms are taken away the people are defenseless from complete government control. Inteligencism has informed the government that they should call a battle rifle an “Assault Rifle”. They have come up with the clever idea that it is to protect you. Good Americans do not desire to “assault” anyone, but they do desire to defend themselves against those who hate Liberty and try to force them to do things and live in ways they do not desire too.

Government has one true God given purpose, it is to punish evil doers, those who harm others. When government goes beyond that mandate and forces people to do anything, such as pay for all kinds of unnecessary and expensive programs, they are evil. Or, spend the nation into bankruptcy, destroy the economy, on purpose, so they can finally crush that pesky Constitution. Or, make the people take a so-called “vaccine”, by force; one that has no proven benefit and instead is injuring and killing people! Even if it has benifit, should the government force people to do anything? That is a big question and you know their plans are suspect when they hide information from you and just say ‘trust us’. Anytime a politician says ‘trust me’, RUN!!!! Today, America’s government is so large and out of control, it is easy for evil people who are part of it to hide all sorts of wrong doing and subvert freedom. In fact the sheer size of it is probably an end in itself. Causing it to grow out of control will cause it to fall, which is probably by design. The toppling of the USA would put an end to the Constitution which is in the way of Globalist plans of world domination.

Liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness and life, are all we need. We need far less government. Instead of the intelligent looking for more ways to sink dollars down the drain, let's promote freedom and let the states decide how to spend money. All of the following departments are Unconstitutional or most of what they do is:

Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, the Attorney General, US Ambassador to the United Nations, the Director of National Intelligence, the US Trade Representative, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Management and Budget, Council of Economic Advisers, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Small Business Administration. Congress should be doing the work of the Federal government, following the 10th amendment to the Constitution, not having bureaucracies meddle in things and finding more and better ways to destroy freedom and American vitality.

And, on top of all that, now our elections have been destroyed. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have stolen the Presidential election, along with the two Senators from Georgia! Technology and intelligent people in the wrong hands have put, perhaps, the “nail in the coffin” and America may be done, over. For Patriots and Constitutionalists this is horrifying. For globalists, it is great news. They have been trying to create a “one world government” for a long time. They can be stopped, but it is going to be near impossible. How can they be stopped?

Nullify! Refuse to cooperate with any government “law” or mandate that is unconstitutional. Should we follow the dictates of an unelected tyrant? Do NOT register any firearm! Do NOT take their poisonous so-called vaccine! Call and write to your local and state governments and demand that they Nullify all Unconstitutional laws (which happen to be most “laws” from the Federal government. Demand true election investigations. Find out what Constitutional government is. You can learn about Liberty, Constitutional government and Nullification by reading information from and the

John Birch Society, (

Time for America and freedom in the world is waning. The tyrants are using very clever and very evil plans and inteligencism to purposely destroy our world. The government especially at the national level is not here to help but to destroy. It is up to us. We must ban together against Washington. Few if any there have our interests at heart. Local government may still listen to us. It is time to act and not sit idle. The truly intelligent and loving we need to follow are the Founders of America. Back to the Constitution before it is too late!


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