Hate Crime Not Hate Crime

Brian P. Kemp Governor State of Georgia

206 Washington Street

Suite 203, State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334

Dear Governor Kemp,

Good, right thinking Americans, hate crime. That is a reason, among many, that right thinking Americans oppose any “Hate Crime” bill or law. In fact, you can not be a patriotic freedom loving American and support the abomination that is the “Hate Crime”.

The so-called concept of a “hate crime” is, first, Unconstitutional. It is illegal in itself. Where does the Constitution's enumerated powers give National government the power to interject itself into any state issue? It is also not the business or place of government to enact such a “law”, a law that is anathema to Liberty loving people. The government, national, state, or local, has no legitimate reason to examine the inner workings of the mind of any human being. ‘The State’, no matter how defined, has no place entering into the thoughts of any individual, even the criminal. My thoughts are mine, yours are yours. I must not harm others and the government should not harm me by probing my thoughts. Share your thoughts if you want, but do not try to impose thoughts on me that you think I have.

Government always, without exception, tends toward excessive control and tyranny. The “hate crime” is a tool of tyrannical and evil governments. The Communist Chinese government during the time of Mao, used psychological controls to great effect to dominate, control, and destroy individuals. They used mind manipulation to crush life and Liberty and turn the people into a giant slave population. Technology that gives government the ability to spy (illegally) in a vast number of ways, combined with the mind examination called the “Hate Crime” will become, even in America, a terrible tool of oppression, not Freedom.

If any one person in America becomes law breaking, he should be punished. Perhaps the system of punishment needs to be re-examined. The legitimate role of government, I would say the ONLY legitimate role of government is to punish evil doers. There is no need to know the thinking of, say, a murderer. Murder is illegal. There is obviously a level of hate in the mind of a murderer , but murder is the crime. The race or politics of the dead is not important, the dead has become the victim of the most evil crime. Perhaps hanging murderers would deter murderers. Make the murderer think twice about being one. Calling him hateful is silly and has no effect in comparison to the effect REAL punishment would have.

I know that one stated reason for having Federal hate crime laws is to make race, religion and other “protected classes” further protected. Frankly, that is simple nonsense. How about folks not killing each other! The Federal government has no place being involved in local crime! The Federal hate crime is just more unnecessary and Unconstitutional, Anti-Tenth Amendment control. Local government can control crime. Look at the job Governor Kemp and law enforcement did in Georgia compared to other states during recent riots. Georgia suffered little loss of life or property damage. Good law enforcement and swift lawful punishment is what is needed, not mind control.

Good, American government, is not afraid of the People. Government often works, and lives by fear. Government needs to stop controlling and watching the People and work on ensuring freedom.

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