Full Auto America

Full Auto America

(a letter to politicians)

Mr. or Ms. Politician,

America needs to have leaders who have backbones and can follow the Constitution. Are you a patriot, a coward, or a criminal? If you, as a politician, can not follow the Constitution, you are not a patriot; that only leaves the other two, coward or criminal. Most of the politicians in government don’t even know what a patriot is. A patriot does not back the government or the military or wave a flag on independence day; a patriot backs Liberty for the American people, Liberty as outlined in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Nothing can influence a patriotic politician above Liberty, not corporations, money, the economy, foreign affairs, or even “protecting the people”. No subject will ferret out the coward or criminal, or shine light on the patriot like gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment.

You as a politician in the U.S. capital or a state capital may not, if a patriot, make any law that is counter to the 2nd Amendment. So called “common sense gun legislation” is not the goal of a patriot. Patriots follow the law of the land, the Constitution. Patriots encourage gun ownership, use of weapons, knowledge of all types of weaponry in the broad American population. Resistance grade weapons that give the People their greatest chance of defeating enemies, both foreign and domestic, are the God given right of the People. The politician who would be an American will encourage the People of America to own resistance grade weapons. It has been shown by countless researchers and writers that the Founders intended for every American to own, have and carry freely, as they will, weapons capable of waging war and defending freedom. The weapons of today, carried by U.S. Army infantry and U.S. Marines are the weapons of the People also. If the Marines carry select fire, fully automatic weapons, or any other advancement in weaponry, small arms, body armor, silencers, magazines of any capacity and so on, all law abiding Americans should have the same available. Any advancement in weapon effectiveness for battle or in sophistication, must be left for the People to decide if it is useful to them. The government has no right to ANY restriction.

The foolishness of modern government that continues to eat away at the 2nd Amendment, the provision of God, will lead to, and should lead to, war within the United States if not reversed.

When will true patriots, those that love the 2nd Amendment, draw the line. Certainly any law that calls for registration or confiscation must trigger an extreme level of resistance. The time where the ballot box wins the day is fading away. This “Red Flag Law” being talked about is a grievous attack on the American people and must be resisted. It is my prayer that it will fail and that ANY politician who supports it will not win re-election. Hopefully states will take a stand and nullify such an evil attack on Liberty


The laws that have been passed thus far, including the Firearms Acts of 1934 and 1968 are unconstitutional attacks on the People. Those should be repealed. All laws that restrict the free ownership of any firearm or small arm system, of any design or type, by free Americans, should be rescinded immediately. They are all unconstitutional criminal acts because they violate the law of the land, The Constitution. The People must be able to guard Liberty. The People are the first defense.

Patriots are not afraid of the People.

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