THE WALL That is Big Government


That Is Big Government.

There are several impediments to liberty in America. One of the greatest is big government. The aim of the Founders was small government. Limited government, held in check by a constitution, was one of, if not the most important aims of the Founders. Edicts, rules, and various constitutions have governed the direction of governments for all of history, but the Constitution of the United States was and still is, the best yet written by men. It was written by men, and today, is greatly ignored by men.

The great and brave men who signed the Constitution knew of of the major weaknesses it faced, one being the moral standing of The People.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”, John Adams.

Men who have held the positions within government and also the People, are just that, people, who, for the most part, only have their own self interests in mind. The People and many leaders from the very beginning did not understand or focus on the Liberty the Founders established through the Constitution (and Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights).

So the failure of men to be a moral, and the lack of interest in Liberty, have allowed the Constitution and its ideals to wain and suffer and government to grow larger and larger. The government has now become a wall between Liberty and The People. Government is a giant that is walling off The People from freedom. A huge, gross, corrupt wall, crushing the Liberty the Constitution was to protect. The People have diminished and government has grown. That is not how it was to be or should be. Government should diminish and The People should increase. Individual freedom is the only legitimate business of government. A wall called Big Government, is crushing The People.

How? Through these things, Dennis Prager has outlined in his “PragerU” Video that you can find here:

Watch his video. I have used it to remind us of things we should already know about the subject. I may explain them a bit differently though.

These things are:

  1. Corruption. Corruption is the inevitable byproduct of all governments, especially as they grow larger and larger. The larger government becomes, the easier it becomes to hide corruption and stealing of money. The aforementioned lack of morality (shown mostly through apathy) of people coupled with the consolidation of power and money in a bloated government, is a great temptation. What would men do to be able to control, and dip their hands into trillions of dollars and assets? What would they do for their friends who have power in other countries or large corporations? The aim of our government to protect Liberty has become instead, the desire to steal from The People and give to the powerful. Why the “Russian collusion” debacle during the first Trump years? It was not an investigation to protect the American public. It was to gain power over the largest pool of money on earth. What moron does not know that the communists have been trying to disrupt elections here and in other countries around the world for decades?

  2. Individual liberty. The larger government grows the less freedom the people have. Every law is enforced at the end of a gun. Don’t want to bake a cake for someone? Here comes government to arrest you. Don’t want to support abortion; pay taxes to support murder or go to jail. Government that the Founders envisioned would not tax people directly at all, and they did not expect the national government to micromanage the lives of individuals. In this country we can act and speak freely, but there are some in this country that would use government to take that away along with all our God given rights.

  3. Economic collapse. Governments can not borrow money forever. All through history nations have collapsed under the weight of trying to support more than the economy could support. Governments trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for disaster. When hard times come, the results will be very ugly when the government can no longer support people. Even in ancient times governments collapsed. “And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.” - (Genesis 47:15) Sound Money is something we ran out of a long time ago. The U.S. government has been producing money out of thin air for a long time. Our money becomes more and more worthless by the day. Our money will fail! Much of it is on purpose. The IRS and Federal reserve are money launderers. Many in control would love to see America collapse so there can be a new nation made in their image. Good chance if The People don't rise up, that there will no longer be a Constitutional Republic.

  4. Tax increases. The tax rate is about 40 times the rate it was when it was illegally instituted in 1913. The people are slaves to the government through the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Anyone who works for the IRS should hang their head in shame for working for that unconstitutional institution.

  5. Big deficits. As mentioned previously, the deficit is dragging us down and grows with each president. It is a great tool to hide money and crush the vitality of our nation until we are drained dry. The politicians and corporations are “getting it” while they can and The People can starve!

  6. Great evil/evil people. Millions have died at the hand of government in the last 70 years. Government with all its power is a place that attracts evil people who can use it to do the greatest evil. You say it can’t happen here, don’t be a fool. Almost every war we have been in, especially after World War 2 has been a money making enterprise where the blood of our military members paves the way to profits for the rich. Our FBI? They are paid killers for the government and the rich. Cross the government and get locked up for some bogus reason or murdered. That FBI that tried to throw the 2016 presidential election and murdered one man in the name of the BLM during the Obama administration is controlled by powerful people. (All with the help of the murderer and fellow traveler with communists, James Comey, former director)

We have a wall now. The wall that President Trump wants to build may be within Constitutional limits but if we get rid of the wall we have now, the wall called big government, we probably won’t need his wall. We are giving our vitality away to strangers. With all the money the government is stealing from Americans now, we need to stop spending. All government does, in practice, is take, take, take. They are taking our Republic. Tear down the wall we already have!

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