Guns and You.

You, American, free to live and speak. Free to pursue happiness. You can worship your God (or not?). You can come and go and be about your business with minimal harassment from government. Defend your property and your life. Many things you can do that others in the world can not because of the 2nd amendment, that recognizes your God given right here in America.

You are free because of God and the gun. If and when government in America changes severely enough wherein the leaders try to take away your God given right to protect those rights, you may and should, by force against them if necessary, defend those rights or you will be fully slaves to them.

The Constitution is our law. It is to be followed by our leaders and it has the purpose in part, of keeping government at bay and out of your and my business. The Founders however knew that written law is often not enough. The second amendment has but one purpose, to inform Americans and their elected officials that if written law fails, The People have another way to insure their own freedom. The People might at some point have to fight against and spill the blood of anyone who tries to take away those rights outlined in the law. The People, the people of America, have a constitution that tells them to WAKE UP and to be ready!

If and when the time comes for Americans to initiate war against their own government, is a concept, an idea, that should be explored, but make no mistake, the purpose of gun ownership by everyday Americans is so that when they deem it necessary, they have the means to go to war against their own government or any who attempt to enslave them.

This is deadly serious business. Guns can be great fun and should be, but the gun is the basic tool of defense today as the sword was long ago. The Founders of our nation, men with wisdom far beyond most today, made it clear that Americans should be armed with military grade weapons. One of the few talk show personalities on air today who is worth listening too, Monica Perez, (WSB AM750 in Atlanta) used, and I believe coined, the term “resistance grade” weapons. That is a great descriptive term. The Founders would agree with this concept. The weapons of The People should be the weapons with military purpose. There should be no restriction on what The People can own and carry. If the Army or Marines issue fully automatic weapons to their personnel, then “every day” Americans should carry the same type of weapon. Anything that will help the American people remain free from tyranny, the people should have. This quote from George Mason sums up the attitude and wisdom of the Founding Fathers,

“That a well-regulated Militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms,

is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free State; that Standing Armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”

George Mason

The people were, and are, to guard their own liberty, and the “standing army” avoided if possible. There are times for armies but too often standing armies became the weapon of tyrants, and, today, are often used for the same purpose. The Founders saw that all through history, military power was often used to oppress freedom. The freedoms we enjoy in our Constitutional Republic are rare in history. All of history through the last 5000 years has been dominated, almost exclusively, by tyrants and their armies. We need a military from time to time, but today's U.S. military is bloated and primarily used as a money making tool by our corrupt corporate controlled politicians who promote themselves and not Liberty.

The first five battles of the Revolution were fought against England as the English armies tried to exercise “gun control”. The crown knew that weapons under control of the colonists must be confiscated. The People fought for control of their weapons and succeeded. What would have been the outcome if the early Americans had rolled over and allowed their guns and ammunition to be taken? What will be the result if we today roll over and allow modern tyrants to take our only form of defense? It certainly won't be more freedom. Gun control was “the line in the sand” then. The government says it wants to protect you. They are liars or ignorant. Lies and ignorance won't help you and me.

Americans who want to remain free will not give up their firearms. They will also demand there be fewer, not more, restrictions on types of weapons available to “the public”. Repeal the 1934 firearms act and all of it’s additions and revisions.

If the U.S. Marines issue laser cannons, I want one. Fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun? I want one. Freedom loving Americans need to make a return.

Defending Father

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