June 10, 2020

Brian P. Kemp                                                                                                                                   Governor State of Georgia...

August 8, 2019

Full Auto America

(a letter to politicians)

Mr. or Ms. Politician,

America needs to have leaders who have backbones and can follow the Constitution.  Are you a patriot, a coward, or a criminal? If you, as a politician, can not follow the Constitution, you are not a patrio...

June 10, 2019



That Is Big Government.

There are several impediments to liberty in America.  One of the greatest is big government. The aim of the Founders was small government.  Limited government, held in check by a constitution, was one of, if not the most important...

October 27, 2017

You, American, free to live and speak.  Free to pursue happiness.  You can worship your God (or not?).  You can come and go and be about your business with minimal harassment from government.  Defend your property and your life.  Many things you can do that others in t...

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